Bad Apologetics. Part 2.

Reading Time: 9 minutes When one reads Baruch de Spinoza’s words, in his Tractatus Theologico-Philosophicus: “We see, I say, that the chief concern of theologians on the whole has been to extort from Holy Scripture their own arbitrarily invented ideas, for which they claim divine authority.” The perspectives through which Scripture itself (the source of Christian information and Christian revelation) is read, determines one’s scriptural interpretation, hence consequently, one’s theology and apologetic and determines whether one has “rightly handl[ed] the word of truth”(2 Tim 2:15). .

Bad Apologetics. Part 1.

Reading Time: 10 minutes A vague general theism is an incoherent position to defend because there’s a quantum leap of several orders of magnitude, from theism to Christian theism. Having a coherent message contained in the law and the prophets, allows the very basis of understanding why the cross and Resurrection can bring about Redemption to be understood in, what God prefigured in the law and in the giving of these prophecies.

The Attack on Biblical Anthropology. Part 3.

Reading Time: 9 minutes Here’s a bold statement summarising Transhumanism:

“In the twenty-first century, the third big project of humankind will be to acquire for us divine
powers of creation and destruction, and upgrade Homo Sapiens to Homo deus … We want the
ability to re-engineer our bodies and minds in order, above all, to escape old age, death, misery,
but once we have it, who knows what else we might do with such ability? So we may well think
of the new human agenda as consisting really of one project (with many branches) attaining

Yuval Noah Harari,

The Attack on Biblical Anthropology. Part 2.

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Early Church understood, the person as the resultant of body and soul, as an integral unit and not of that of two entities. In other terms, a human being is seen as one entity, composed of two distinct irreducible constituents where immortality of the soul was an alien concept to most

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