“wokeness” Part 3: – Politically Correct Policing.

Reading Time: 6 minutes All “Western” institutions of higher education have adopted and embraced some form of equality policy into the regulations they adhere to for self governance. However, questions concerning the negative effects of their implementation have arisen, regarding whether academic freedom, professorial prerogatives and the ability of faculty to teach and conduct research without risk of sanctions by official interference, or to professional disadvantage, are sustained by the members of its community.

“wokeness” Part 1: – Neo Tribalism.

Reading Time: 8 minutes Christianity, by its complacency and lack of courage, on the one part and not being able to predict what it’s enemies would do next, on the other, allowed the open ground for the “New Left” to come in with its Cultural Marxism, who understood that values are pivotal to all politics and human life. “[I]nterests are not given but have to be politically and ideologically constructed”. Stuart Hall

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