The Attack on Biblical Anthropology. Part 5.

Reading Time: 21 minutes From the moment God molds ‘hā·’ā·ḏām’ from the dust of the ground and breathes into him the breath of life, a journey of linguistic precision and conceptual richness begins. This essay embarks on a examination of the biblical narrative, unveiling the manifold aspects of ‘hā·’ā·ḏām’s’ identity – a creation marked by both unity and diversity, individuality and collectivity. As one navigates the linguistic paradoxes, the divine pluralities, and the interwoven threads of life’s breath, the Genesis narrative emerges as a profound source of theological insight into the essence of humanity and its intricate relationship with the divine.

Foundations of Theological Apologetics: Shaping a Purposeful Defence of Faith

Reading Time: 6 minutes For any non believer, serious about wanting to know about Christianity, the most frequent question they will ask Christians is “why are you a Christian?” The first answers to be given should explain what Christianity is and what Christians believe, biblically.

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