Preferred Pronouns

Reading Time: 8 minutes Is the act of engaging in the utilization of preferred pronouns an empathetically nuanced expression of neo-etiquette, or does it conceal a more ominous agenda behind its application, whether deliberately contrived or inadvertently present? The author aims to present a counterargument against the usage of preferred pronouns, presenting secular, linguistic, and theological justifications for abstaining from their utilisation.

Evaluating the Apostasy. Part 2.

Reading Time: 15 minutes Cancel culture is probably the best and simplest place to start. This social phenomenon signifies the convergence of individuals who coalesce and function as “swarm bots” mobilising collectively to counteract perceived threats to their deeply ingrained “cultural” values.

Bad Apologetics. Part 3.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Although, it is worth noting that the field of Christian apologetics is diverse, the current state of Christian apologetics falls short of its potential, often focusing on trendy topics and repetitively using outdated arguments. This phenomenon, which the author refers to as “Pop-Apologetics,” is marked by an excessive preoccupation with engaging with movements like Neo-Atheism, resulting in unproductive debates. Furthermore, it is accompanied by a reliance on tired and formulaic arguments that fail to breathe new life into meaningful discussions. This shallow approach to apologetics is often intertwined with a strain of what the Author calls “Prosperity Apologetics”, a term that should be self explanatory.

The Attack on Biblical Anthropology. Part 3.

Reading Time: 9 minutes Here’s a bold statement summarising Transhumanism:

“In the twenty-first century, the third big project of humankind will be to acquire for us divine
powers of creation and destruction, and upgrade Homo Sapiens to Homo deus … We want the
ability to re-engineer our bodies and minds in order, above all, to escape old age, death, misery,
but once we have it, who knows what else we might do with such ability? So we may well think
of the new human agenda as consisting really of one project (with many branches) attaining

Yuval Noah Harari,

“wokeness” Part 3: – Politically Correct Policing.

Reading Time: 6 minutes All “Western” institutions of higher education have adopted and embraced some form of equality policy into the regulations they adhere to for self governance. However, questions concerning the negative effects of their implementation have arisen, regarding whether academic freedom, professorial prerogatives and the ability of faculty to teach and conduct research without risk of sanctions by official interference, or to professional disadvantage, are sustained by the members of its community.

“wokeness” Part 1: – Neo Tribalism.

Reading Time: 8 minutes Christianity, by its complacency and lack of courage, on the one part and not being able to predict what it’s enemies would do next, on the other, allowed the open ground for the “New Left” to come in with its Cultural Marxism, who understood that values are pivotal to all politics and human life. “[I]nterests are not given but have to be politically and ideologically constructed”. Stuart Hall

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